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EMS in Thailand - Thai Mail tracking

Thailand Post Company Limited, a privately owned and operated company in Bangkok, Thailand, is committed to provide efficient and high quality postal services to all Thais living in the country. The company is associated with various international companies in order to provide international shipment and delivery of letters, mails, and parcels. Thailand Post has multiple offices not just located in local areas but they can also be found in various places worldwide. Different services of the Thailand Post include mail, letter and parcel delivery and money order as well as financial services like bill payments and taxes. These services can also be availed not just by visiting the local offices but also b going online and logging-in on their website. Their website also includes features for online shopping and ticket booking.

The best part of the website of the company is the Thai Post tracking system, which is commonly called as Packagetrackr. Packagetrackr was introduced by Thailand Post in January 2008. This is the special feature in the company’s website wherein any customer has an option to locate and track the items being delivered and shipped. A customer just needs to enter the tracking number in order to receive information about the real time location of the item as well as the expected delivery date. The tracking system of Thailand Post is very useful especially with the express mail service (EMS) Thailand. Thai Post created this especial Thai Mail tracking system in order to make sure that all its customers will have real time information about the items that they sent and expected to receive. The information being provided by the Thai Post tracking system includes the time and date of delivery, address it will be shipped to, and current location of the items being delivered. Packagetrackr is also available to smartphone, iphones, and blackberry owners so customers can track this shipment and delivery even they are on the go. Customers can download the app free of charge in the app store of their mobile phones anytime they want as well as anywhere.

EMS in Thailand is still an important way of communication. In order to improve the quality of service, Thailand Post initiated the use of the internet as a way to extend their hands to customers. In the website of the company, there are contact information and numbers of customer service, which can be used by anyone so that they can express their suggestion, opinion and comment regarding the services of the company.

Advanced technological innovations are useful nowadays to all businesses in order to create new marketing strategies so that they can address the increased number of needs in the market. Internet is part of this revolutionized advancement and every company is taking advantage of this in order to promote and enhance their products and services. Thailand Post uses this technology for the EMS in Thailand to reach out to more loyal customers. The company always prioritize the satisfaction of every one, be it a customer or its own employees.

History of Thailand Post shows that it is established way back 1883 as a state-owned enterprise and was privatized in 2003. The very first recorded mail sent in Thailand happened in 1836 when Dan Beach Bradley, an American missionary assigned in Thailand, sent a letter to his father in Great Britain. This shows a good history of excellent postal service which is being preserved by the company through its continuous effort to use all possible resources in the world. Examples of these are the company’s strong threshold of human resources as well as innovative ideas for marketing plans.