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Saudi Post: Serving Clients like Kings

Like any other providers of postal services worldwide, Saudi Post offers various mail and package services within the Kingdom of Saudi and throughout the globe. This postal services provider is operated by the Saudi government and vastly known as “Bareed” within the kingdom’s citizens. 

Currently, Saudi Post has 458 main offices and 180 branches which are located in strategic locations of the kingdom. To meet the needs of its clients in terms of reliability and security in postal services, the Post is operated by highly-experienced professionals who are known for their passion and knowledge about the industry. It also offers a variety of postal services which includes faster and more efficient ways to send parcels. It also offers online tracking of packages via the Express Mail Services (EMS).

Saudi Post - postal services

The EMS which Saudi Post offers has gained the trust and confidence of its regular customers. This doesn’t come as a surprise as it has been handled by a group of highly-skilled and experienced young individuals who make up most of Saudi Post’s working population. Aside from its reliable employees, the company is properly equipped with new technology backed by the latest security systems to ensure accuracy and security of the packages and all relevant data or information. Also, a fleet consisting of approximately 360 vehicles is making the delivery all over the kingdom. Clients can be at ease when sending confidential mails or packages. The EMS also provides new security measures to secure important documents which cannot be easily accessed unless the package is torn by force. In 2006, a total of 1,600,000 consignments had been processed by the company, which was due to the continuous confidence of its clients. The EMS is clearly Saudi Post’s crown jewel in terms of servicing their clients. Most of its income comes from fees which are paid by clients who availed the EMS.          

Saudi Post also offers other postal services. Among these services is the eServices. eServices allow users to trace and track their sent packages with a lot of ease. To avail the service, a client must have user ID and a password to login into the eServices via the postal company’s official website. This is important in ensuring that any transactions made using the eServices is authorized by the client. In addition to this, a client who doesn’t have enough time to bring the package to the post office can simply make a pick up request via the eServices. Clients are guaranteed the confidentiality and security of their data and transactions being done when accessing the eServices.

Saudi Post has been standing by its intentions to provide excellent and reliable postal services. Its commitment to provide quality services aims to inspire more confidence and trust from clients and to ensure that the company will continue to serve them the same way a king is served in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.