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Royal Mail Tracker

Royal mail tracker - your mails or parcels will surely reach its destinationIt’s been 497 years and still counting, Royalmail remains one of the top and trusted providers of postal services across Great Britain, covering the United Kingdom as well as the Northern Island.  Royal Mail Group Ltd. regulates Royalmail’s operations. Postal Services Act 2011 allows Royalmail to be privatized up to 90%. There are about 130,000 workers behind this company that provides quality and reliable postal services to business and private individuals. Just like other postal service providers, Royal mail tracker is also provided for added safety and security of your mails and parcels.

Royalmail has also customized its delivery method. For the longest time, postmen painstakingly use bicycles to reach homes and far-flung areas. This is also another reason for Royalmail to be commended. But aside from the traditional means, its modern transport facilities are making waves in the industry as well. Shipping includes RMS ST. Helena. Boeing 737-3Yo G-ZAPV is another transport and is operated by Titan Airways. Royalmail make use of huge fleet of vans and a number of push trolleys too.

Royalmail has made the prices of its postal services very flexible for its clients. You can always have the assurance of getting top quality services at more favorable prices. For first class items, Royalmail assures next-day delivery with 93% quality. For second class items, Royalmail boosts quality up to 98% in three days time.


After posting your mails or parcels through this postal service provider, Royal mail tracker is made possible for you, adding more safety and security to your items in transit. Maintaining a mail tracking service enables you to know the current status of your items.

To do this, go to the official website of Royalmail and find the ‘Track and Trace’ option. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked for a reference number. Enter you 13-character code and click on ‘Track’ button. Soon after, you will be provided with a detailed progress of your mails or parcels until it reaches your recipient’s domicile.

For purposes of tracking, you have to better understand how significant your reference number is. Your tracking number is your ticket to know the exact whereabouts of your package.  Bear in mind too that tracking is exclusive within United Kingdom’s boundaries. Therefore, mails or parcels sent overseas cannot be tracked.

With Royal mail tracker, you are assured that your mails or parcels will surely reach its destination in a timely manner.