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Poste Italiane is owned by the government of Italy and is recognized as the country’s leading postal organization. Sixty five percent (65%) of the company is owned by the Italian Economy & Finance Ministry, while the remaining thirty five percent (35%) is owned by the “Cassa Depositi e Prestiti”.  Its main headquarter is strategically located in Rome, the capital city of Italy.  Currently, the postal company is manned by 149,703 employees. The efficient and effective operations of Poste Italiane are made possible due to the different executive and administrative bodies that oversee its day-to-day activities. It has its 5-member Board of Directors, as well as an Auditors Board with three (3) statutory members.  Its key officers are headed by Giovanni Ialongo as the President and Massimo Sarmi as the Directorate General.

Aside from taking care of the basic national and international postal and mailing requirements of its clients, Poste Italiane also provides integrated solutions including postal savings, logistics, communication, EMS Italy facility, and numerous financial services.

The company owns various subsidiaries which perform their respective functions.One subsidiary of Poste Italiane is the SDA Group which provides express mail and logistic services. There is also the Postecom which manages the company’s internet services. Investment and life insurance solutions are being handled by Banco Posta Fondi. Lastly, the Postel is in-charged with the processing of documents as well as hybrid electronic mailing services. One of the noteworthy achievements of the company is that it is among the founding members of the Consumer’s Forum consisting of members from various independent organizations like consumer groups, service and industrial companies, research associations, trade institutions, and universities.


Together with EMS facility, Poste Italiane also provides EMS Italy tracking. This facility is accessible through the company’s official website. Clients who wish to track or monitor the whereabouts of their delivered mails or parcels can simply do so by browsing the postal company’s website and look for this facility. Just click on the “Dovequando” section of the site and input the transaction’s item bar code on the field that specifies “Inseriscil il codice della spedizione”. The reference code or item bar code is a 13-characterter alpha-numeric code found on the shipment receipt. By providing this reference, the system will be able to provide you a timely and accurate status of your shipment. You will be notified if the items have already been delivered and received by the recipients. Items are bar-coded and scanned whenever they arrive at a post office branch; this way, the system is always updated on the whereabouts of the mails or package.

In the same way, the system will also provide details and relevant information if a delay is likely to be encountered. This is a very important service especially for corporate clients who rely on postal offices for the timely arrival of their shipments. EMS Italy tracking is available to the company’s clients any time of the day and can be accessed online using just a laptop, computer, or any mobile device with internet capability.