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Posta Romana Logo - EMS traceEMS trace is the special tracking system being used by Pos Malaysia Berhad in order to facilitate information about the whereabouts of their shipment and delivery. Pos Malaysia is the leading postal service provider in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which caters to customers around the world especially in its own country. The company offers postal services as well as transport logistics, financial services and insurances. In order to provide excellent services to all customer from the private and public sector, the company focuses on its strength in the market of the country. In addition to this, the company always believes that people is the source of their strength in the business sector.

Any customer of Pos Malaysia who is interested to get information about how long he has to wait before a mail, letter or parcel is delivered in his doorsteps can utilize the EMS trace system. A customer just need to know the tracking number of the item, go online and visit the Pos Malaysia’s official website. Once in the website, the customer should go to the Track and Trace facility and enter the tracking number. In an instant, updated information about the whereabouts of the item will be provided. This is very useful especially to those customers who frequently send letters, mails and parcels so they can have security that the items being shipped will be delivered on the committed date. EMS trace is truly an amazing initiative of Pos Malaysia so that it can continuously deliver its promise to provide excellent postal services in Malaysia as well as in other countries. Other valuable features and facilities that can be found on the company website are postal code finder, online bill payment, and stamp personalization services.

Likewise, Posta Romana, the national operator of postal service in Romania, utilizes the same kind of system known as the Posta Romana tracking system. Posta Romana offers postal services as well as money transfer and parcel shipment. The same way, customer can use the Posta Romana tracking so that they can get real time data about the exact location of the shipment and the exact time of the delivery. This same process also makes use of a tracking number to be entered by a customer in the company’s website; after input of the tracking number, all the relevant information about the shipment and delivery are shown.

The postal service in Romania can be traced in history and records of courier services in the Roman land dated way back the Middle Ages. In addition to this, parchment is the very first documentation that existed supporting the use of postal service in the country. More information about the history of postal services in the country as well as the background of the company can be found in the website of Posta Romana.

Various companies in different industries are using different technological advancements nowadays in order to cope with the market needs and demands. The postal service industry is also part of these innovations. The use of the internet as an effective marketing tool can never be questioned. With this, companies can deliver what it promised to all of its customer, that best service will always be provided at all times. Pos Malaysia, which is located in South East Asia and Post Romania, headquartered in Europe are part of this initiative in using technology as effective marketing tools. These two companies serving not just their respective countries but also other foreign markets are successful in providing excellent postal services with the use of the internet. Various systems like the Posta Romana tracking system as well as the tracking system of Pos Malaysia play very important roles in achieving customer satisfaction.