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Posta Italia Tracking

Poste Italiane - Posta Italia tracking systemThe leading postal service office in Italy is the Poste Italiane which is owned by the Italian Economy and Finance Ministry and the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. The companies under Post Italiane are SDA groups that offer services for mailing and logistics. The Postecom on the other hand manages the internet services, while the BancoPosta Fondi is in charge of investment and life insurances. There are many departments under the Italian Post that functions hand in hand with the company to provide variety of services to all of their customers and clients.

The head office of the post is located in its capital, Rome, providing employment to almost a hundred and fifty staff. The entire operation is managed by a board of directors composed of five members and an auditor board composed of 3 statutory members. The president is Mr. Giovanni Ialongo and Massimo Sarmi is the director general of the Post. With all the people and departments they hold, there is no doubt that the Italian Post is one of the most prestigious companies in the industry.

With the technology available at the tips of our fingers today, the Posta Italia tracking system has been formulated. Years back people would manually contact each branch just to check on the status of their delivery. What’s complicated about this process is that there’s just too much mail and too little manpower. And since the communication was verbal, expect to have a lot of erroneous information. But with the help of advanced technology and the internet, the Posta Italia tracking system has improved ten-fold.

Here’s how the Posta Italia tracking system works;


1.    Fill out all the details on the information sheet and provide it to the personnel. Wait for your receipt and check for the 13-digit alphanumeric code.

2.    Use this code to track your package by simply typing it in the Post Italiane website.

3.    Take advantage of all the information listed on the site from the package location, notations and estimated time of arrival. These details are sure to help you in relaying details to the receiver.


1.    Upon receiving the information and package from the customer, the personnel inputs the data onto a program which generates an alpha-numeric code and a barcode. All these tracking information are then placed on the Poste Italiane database which is accessible by all branches.

2.    Provide the customer with the receipt and the tracking website. Educate them on how to track their package and provide them with the estimated time of arrival.

3.    If your branch receives the package, what you need to do is scan the package’s barcode and update the information on the tracking system of Poste Italiane. With the help of advanced technology, the information you place is uploaded onto the tracking website of Poste Italiane. This allows the customer to check the status of the delivery and know if there are any delays.

This system is highly effective especially in the business scenario where packages are sent on a time sensitive case. In business we all know that time is money and time saved is money made. With this system, large corporations and even small businesses are able to keep track of what they send and when they will arrive at their recipients. Should there be any delays, they will have enough time to advise the recipients so that adjustments can be made.

Another advantage to this system is that the site is open 24/7 so you can wake up in the middle of the night just to check on the status of your package since not all postal companies are open at night to answer your queries.