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Pos Malaysia

EMS trace system, also known as Track and TracePostal service in Malaysia is being handled exclusively by Pos Malaysia Berhad, or simply Pos Malaysia. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The company started as an organization owned by the government and later on it operated as a private business organization. One of the secrets of the company why it is the leading postal service provider in the country is a specialized combination of strength and freedom in the market. In addition to this, the company believes in the importance of human relationships within and outside the organization. This includes their new, long time and prospective customers as well as their own loyal employees. The services being offered by Pos Malaysia include transport logistics, postal services, and wide variety of financial services. Its financial services cater on bill payment, remittances, and insurances.

In order to facilitate the unexpected growth of customers and clients needing their services, Pos Malaysia began using the internet to enhance further its services. The company has a website accessible by everyone who wishes to learn information about the company, services, and its branches. One of the most important features in their website is the EMS trace system, also known as Track and Trace. This EMS trace system allows customer to check the status of their shipment and delivery, be it a letter, mail, or parcel. Furthermore, EMS trace provides real time information about the whereabouts of the delivery as well as the exact time and date the shipment will be made. Customers just need to look for the registration number of their items and enter the registration number in the special field allocated for it in the Track and Trace section of Pos Malaysia’s website. Real time information of up to ten items can be located and tracked in the website and all kinds of items can be tracked using this feature.


In addition to the EMS trace system, the Pos Malaysia website also have other important features such as online bill payment using accredited debit and credit cards, personalization of stamps, and postal code finder. Customers can also see various ways on how to communicate directly with Pos Malaysia. Methods include the company’s contact number and information for customer service such as mailing and email address, telephone and fax number, and the corporate office location.

Technology truly plays a vital role in the success of every organization and Pos Malaysia is one of those who are taking advantage of it.