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Liban Post

Express mail services (EMS) are being utilized nowadays by the private and public sectors. Due to the continuous increase in demand for high quality postal services, various marketing strategies are being implemented by the postal service industry worldwide. Liban Post is no exception.

EMS tracking number format in Liban PostLiban Post represents the national postal service provider in Lebanon since 1998 and it is owned by the private sector. The company utilizes a special program that focuses on brand, diversification and infrastructure of its postal service in the country as well as in foreign countries. Liban Post offers a wide range of services such as EMS, financial services and business solutions. In addition, the company is also into governmental services, electronic commerce, and merchandising and retailing services. The company has a high volume of operations each day with an approximate of 20 million shipments per year.

In order to enhance further the EMS facility of the company, Liban Post started using the internet as part of its marketing solutions to the ever-increasing demand for quality postal services. With the internet, customers can utilize the post tracking service of Liban Post. A customer can use the tracking system with the use of confirmation number being provided once he or she avails the service of the company. This tracking number follows the basic EMS tracking number format. Once the customer receives the tracking number, he can visit the company’s website any time he wants to. On the left part of the website, there is a specific box labeled as track and trace and a special field for the tracking number. Customers should always remember to follow the EMS tracking number format so that he will not encounter any problems. The EMS tracking number format is an alphanumeric code with no spaces or special characters in between. Following this EMS tracking number format will guarantee that correct information will be provided by the system.

In addition to the track and trace option in the website, customers can also view the lists of services being offered by the Liban Post. These services include express deliveries of mails, letters and parcels, financial services such as money transfer and insurances, and philatelic stamps. Furthermore, on the right side of the website and opposite of the track and trace option, customers can use the rates calculator which computes the service fee of international and local delivery and shipment. Charges are computed based on the destination, mail type, and weight of packages.