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Latvia Post

Latvia Post

Latvijas Pasts, also known as Latvia Post, is a public limited organization located in Riga, Latvia that provides postal services in the country as well as around the world. 

The company history shows that it was founded way back in 1992 and was changed as a public company in 2004. Aside from providing postal services, the company is also known to provide magazine subscription with sale and delivery, financial services, and express delivery. With its postal service, customers have two options to choose from, an affordable package in which delivery will be made after 3 business days to a more expensive service called priority mail in which shipment will be made the very next day. The company does not just serve the private and public sector of the community but it also caters to the administrative units of the country as well as small and medium businesses and large corporations.

In order to manage the shipment and delivery of each letters, mails, and parcels, Latvia Post implemented the use of a specialized tracking system. This is called as the Latvia Post tracking system, which is accessible not only within the company but also by the company’s customers. The company’s tracking system’s primarily role is to aid customers in their interest to know the status of their delivery and shipment. With this tracking system, Latvia Post can provide their customers with updated information about the whereabouts of the delivery as well as how long customers need to wait before they will receive the shipment of letters, mails, and parcels. All customers who want to utilize this special feature just need to go online and visit the company’s website and they can use it anytime and anywhere they want. In addition, customers need to provide their tracking number by entering it to a special box for tracking number. Once customers already entered that information, they will receive real time data about the shipment and delivery.

With the use of this tracking system, the company can surely adhere to its commitment in providing effective and economically sound postal service to people of Latvia. In addition to using advance technology, the company always believes in its human resources. Combining these two factors, a good reputation and quality service to the public will always be achieved by the company. The company will always prioritize the satisfaction for good human relationships with its own people and loyal customers.