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Korea Post

EMS Korea tracking systemThe national postal organization of South Korea is handled by the Korea Post. It functions as a government unit under Korea’s Knowledge & Economy Ministry, providing the basic postal services for domestic and international market. Founded on July 1, 2000, its main headquarter (Gwanghwamun P.O.) is strategically situated in the heart of Korea -- Seoul. Equipped with the EMS Korea tracking facility, Korea Post handles delivery of postal mails and packages within Korea and in major parts of the world. In addition, it performs added functions such as those of postal banking, insurance services, postal giro, and money orders; it accepts registered mails, provides pick-up services from customers’ location, delivery of online-purchased products, postal errand servicing, and many more.

Korea Post’ organizational structure consists of one Division, four Bureaus, on Section, and twelve Departments. It has eight Regional Communication Offices, and 3,663 Post Offices all around the country’s major cities and provinces.  To provide better and quality services, it is also affiliated with numerous agencies like the Training Institute of the Knowledge Economy Officers, Korea Post Info Center, and Supply and Construction Agency for Korea Post. During its 12 years of operation, Korea Post has aimed and maintained its objective of providing total customer satisfaction in the conduct of its business.

It is that objective of total customer satisfaction that gave rise to the adoption of EMS Korea tracking system. With this facility, Korea Post can provide updated information to its customers with regards to the whereabouts or exact location of their sent mails and packages. This time, no more crude method of calling or visiting post offices or its branches just to inquire about the status of a postal delivery; no more relying on the manual method of retrieving information. With the EMS computerized system, information is more accurate and dependable. There will be no possibilities of being misinterpreted or occurrence of miscommunication is eliminated as there will be no customer representative who will answer your queries this time.

With EMS Korea tracking facility, the customer is required to log in to the Korea Post official website and select the Track and Trace option. This is a very convenient and user-friendly system as it can be accessed any time of the day and anywhere in the world that has computer and internet connection. Input the alpha-numeric tracking reference number given by the postal office when the shipment transaction was made and a real-time information about the delivery will be provided by the system. This is made possible by the barcode in the package or mail which is scanned on the originating branch and destination points. Every time the barcoded package is scanned, the database is updated making it possible for the customers and other related authorized parties to trace its location.