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Japan Post Tracking

Japan post tracking inventoryJapan is now among the many nations that has adopted the modern method of monitoring the whereabouts of their customers’ packages and sent mails. Japan post tracking is now being used to give access to the customers of Japan’s official postal company so they can have real-time updates about their mails.

Sometime in year 2003, Japan Post was founded to replace “Yūsei Jigyōchō” and to take over all the postal responsibilities required by the country and its citizens. It was originally formed as a government-owned organization to provide various postal services and other related functions such as life insurance and banking services. To date, it is the largest employer of Japan and employs about 30% of the entire Japanese working population.

By virtue of the Japan Post Network Act, Japan Post was privatized in 2007 and was called “Japan Post Group”. It is solely owned by Japan Post Holdings Company Private Limited and has a current capitalization of hundred billion yen. It maintains 1111 offices, 13 regional offices, one foreign mail operation center, and no less than 2500 distribution centers. Its main headquarter is strategically situation in the country’s capital, Tokyo. Postal deliveries are accepted from 9am to 7pm, Mondays to Fridays. There are also non-delivery centers that operate from 9am to 5pm.

Japan post tracking services are readily accessible by opening the Japan Post website and selecting the Track and Trace Service section. Domestic and International deliveries can be traced by simply inputting the tracking number or reference provided when the customer paid for his postal delivery. With just a few clicks, and right at the convenience of one’s home or office, the exact location and status of a package can be determined. Relevant information can also be obtained like is there’s a delay to be expected on the shipment or if a certain package got lost.

Modern innovations in the postal service industry like the Japan post tracking facility is very valuable more especially to corporations and business owners. Timely and accurate delivery of commercial items and important documents are always critical for those operating their businesses. That’s why a computerized tracking system is a welcome innovation as it provides a better alternative to the crude and traditional method of manually retrieving information. Not only was it time consuming and costly but the traditional method can sometimes be very unreliable as well. With the current modern method of tracking a postal delivery, one can inquire about the details virtually from any part of the world. With just a computer and a stable internet connection, the tracking system can be accessed right away. And because it is not dependent on any personnel or a specific postal branch, inquiries can be made any time of the day, 24/7!