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Indian Postal Tracking

Indian postal trackingThe Indian Postal Service functions with almost a hundred and fifty thousand offices nationwide. According to studies, this service is the most distributed postal service in the world. They are able to provide service to each part of their country which includes the highly remote areas. They also provide banking functions; with their remittance facilities, they provide financial services to villages that don’t have access to banks and financial institutions.

Now you may want to know how it all began. In the year 1764, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of India decided to have the Department of Post establish and regulate the Indian posts. This service is basically headed by a board of directors composed of a chairman and a six other members. Their duties as a postal service provider include providing international services, speed, business, direct, logistics and media posts and parcels and packages. Aside from this they also provide ePayment services, life insurance and money transfers.

With all these services the Indian post has adapted a way to keep track of the services they provide by using an Indian postal tracking system. Now there are probably tons of questions flying in your head right now; how does it work, is it effective, can everyone access it?  

The Indian postal tracking system works as easy as a search engine functions. If you have been using Google or Yahoo for quite some time you know that typing-in terms, keywords or search words provide you with the answers to your queries. In this case all you need is a simple thirteen digit alpha-numeric code. This code is unique for every package, providing you with a way of finding or tracking it at any given time with the help of the company’s website. The process is simple; upon receiving your mail the personnel enters all the data onto a computer database. This information includes your name and address and the recipient’s name and address. After doing so, the database program generates the code for you with a matching bar code. These are then printed on the receipt and on the sticker details of your package.

How is this accurate? The Indian postal tracking system is really simple. Pretty much like any other country, the postal branch that receives the parcel has personnel to sort and scan the code who, in turn, uploads data on a common database; this is them imported to the website you’re accessing to provide the location and status of delivery.  Back in those days, Indian post track method wasn’t this accurate. They would have to call each branch to receive a confirmation and, at the end of the day, there could be lots of erroneous information. With this fool-proof method, it would be easy to back track errors by anyone using the system.

This method has been proven effective in many countries and is widely used by lots of postal services and couriers. Another plus to this is that since it’s on the World Wide Web it’s accessible to anyone who has a computer and with internet connection. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use the Indian post track process.

Today, with the modern Indian post track system, a more effective business solution is made available not just for large corporations but for small businessmen and private users as well. Gone are the days of endless wondering whether your package or mail will arrive safely and on time. Now you can check their status anytime and anywhere you like.