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India Post

India Post: Serving the Indian Way

Since being established in 1764, India Post, also known as the Indian Postal Office, has been offering all sorts of postal services and its postal system has been distributed to numerous post offices nationwide. India Post offers a wide selection of postal services, allowing its clients to securely send their packages to any parts of the globe. It has a total number of Indian post offices that has already reached more than 150,000 with 90% found in the rural areas.  It also serves as a small savings bank for people who are living in far areas as it offers financial services aside from their mailing and packaging facilities. And with the presence of its Express Mail Service or India EMS tracking, clients can check the current whereabouts and status of their packages. The EMS of India Post is also available for those clients who want more safety and security for their packages.

India Post, as mentioned above, offers various services to send and receive mails or packages. Among these services are the following:

·         Speed post

·         Business post

·         Logistics post

·         Express parcel post 

·         Direct post

·         Retail post

Other services can also be availed at India Post such as foreign exchange service, electronic payment, and money remittances. As part of its financial services, India Post also offers savings plans and life insurances.  Some of the financial services that Indian nationals can avail from their post offices are the following:

·         National Savings Certificates

·         Public Provident Fund

·         Bank savings accounts

·         Monthly income plans

·         Senior citizen’s savings plans

·         Time-deposit accounts

Indian Post system and network


Computerization within the post office counters has been implemented to, furthermore, improve their services and maintain the satisfaction of their clients. As of 2012, almost 25,000 of the post offices under India Post have benefited from the computerization program. With the Indian government approval of the IT modernization program of Indian Post, the computerization and other modernization programs have enabled Indian Post to perform more than just the traditional post office functions. In fact, the computerization programs have allowed India Post to conduct paperless transactions and track and trace options for packages which are intended for delivery. Aside from improving its services to their clients, the computerization program has enabled employees to serve more clients and increase the revenue of the post office. 

Whether you are sending a package from anywhere in India or receiving a package from any point of the world, you can be assured that customer satisfaction is guaranteed. After all, India Post aims to provide non-traditional postal services and guarantee the safety, protection, and on-time delivery of your sent items.