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India Post

EMS Tracking India systemIndia Post aims to be the customer’s first choice of postal service provider. Truly, India Post has notably worked on this by guaranteeing its clients a wide selection of available mail products and services. Services offered include mail, retail and financial. Also, India’s Express Mail Service or EMS Tracking India facility allows you to check the whereabouts of your mails or packages and is made available for additional safety and security.

India Post or Indian Postal Service is a widely distributed postal system reaching all parts of the world. It caters not only citizens living in the cities but also those in remotest regions of the country. Primarily, it offers people living in the far-flung areas financial services by acting as small savings banks.

Established in the year 1764, it has ever since provided quality service and served as reliable mediators of client’s mail and packages. Under the control of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Posts regulates this postal system and assures a number of particular services. Amongst them include speed post, business post, logistics post, express parcel post, direct post and retail post. Media Post and greeting post are also provided. Forex services, e-payment, bill mail, money remittance order, postal life insurance can also be availed.

With these high-end services, purchasing products from your favorite online stores like Amazon, eBay is made easy and safe. Also, sending mails to relatives in and out of India is never a burden. You’ll know that it’s India Post in its rectangular red symbol with yellow waves across it.


Computerized tracking is also made available for a safer and more reliable means of ensuring that your mails or packages will reach your recipients. EMS Tracking India is easy and fast if you send your letters or parcels using speed post or registered post. Keeping up with the demands of practical means, computerized tracking system takes away the burden of checking updates regarding your mails using traditional and manual methods.

Doing this, you will need your 13-alpha numeric code which you need to use to log in the official website of India Post. Input the given code to the empty field provided. Once the code has been entered and recognized by the system, you need to follow a detailed, step-by-step procedure to get an update about your mail’s delivery status. Information or details with regard to your mails received by your recipients are also fully provided and up-to-date. Any queries or problems encountered are addressed by the system’s Customer Care.

It’s a relief that just like other countries providing fast and easy mail services, India has also managed to provide the same reliable tracking tool to its constituents. With extra EMS tracking facility in India Post, you can always assure yourself that your mail is on the right track.