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Hongkong Post Tracking

Hongkong Post TrackingBack in the year 1841, the Royal Mail established the Hong Kong Post and then turned over the entire operation to the Government of Hong Kong. This postal service is autonomous to the world-renowned China Post. Unlike the China Post, Hong Kong doesn’t use Zip Codes. This is due to the smaller coverage of area they provide service to; however, with their growing population and bigger communities the plan of implementing a zip code for their jurisdiction is in process. Initially the mail was placed in bright red boxes with the British Royal Coat of Arms engraved on them. Today they use blue and green as their color with the insignia of a bird in flight.

Contrary to what you may think, the Hong Kong post doesn’t just provide postal services for their country. They function as a business and is engaged in selling and issuing stamps. In fact, the hobby of stamp collecting has been quite popular in the area. They also provide services for money transfers, bills payment, and functions like mini-banks in rural areas that don’t have access to a financial institution. In 2005 the Hong Kong Post was awarded a “Productivity and Quality Award” and was also given a Guinness World Record for making the largest stamp mosaic in the world.

With all these recognition, it’s difficult to imagine that this postal service will come anywhere short of providing their customers with the best service possible. With the Hong Kong post tracking system, they are able to provide their customers with precise information and status of delivery. They use a system that is being used world-wide by other postal and courier companies. 

The Hong Kong post tracking system works like a well-oiled machine that relies on people and advanced technology to provide quality services. Here’s how it goes. Whenever one personnel receives a package to be shipped, he enters all the details they need onto a program which collects the information on a database. This database is shared with all their branches and is also loaded onto a site for easy access of authorized persons. Upon doing this, the program generates a code unique to your package; it is printed onto a receipt and attached to the package. Whenever you need to check on the estimated time of arrival or their current location, you can just enter the alphanumeric code onto the company’s website and, in a matter of seconds, you will see information as to where your package is. Isn’t it amazing how the HK EMS tracking system works? Before, the manual process was definitely a hassle. Aside from the fact that you had to call in and get all sorts of wrong information, you’d actually be losing more time than you should.

With Hong Kong post tracking system you’re able to get the information you need accurately. It’s fool-proof! So how does it work exactly? It’s simple. Each branch that receives your package follows a specific routine. They check in your parcel by scanning the codes, the information are then uploaded onto their computers; they have access to enter updates and provide relevant remarks that will be useful to their client. If, for any reasons, your package is expected to encounter delays, you will also be provided with the necessary information. The HK EMS tracking system is definitely a winning innovation. In time sensitive matters, it’s good to know systems like HK EMS tracking is there to help out.