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Hong Kong EMS Post

Hong Kong EMS Post SystemHongkong Post is driven by its ‘linking people, delivering business’ motto. It has been committed into providing postal services to Hongkong nationals since 1841. From being a traditional postal service provider, Hongkong Post has grown into a competitive and vast network as proven by various services it offers. Aside from mail services like Speed Post, Courier Post and Direct Mail, they also accept Postal remittances to selected countries, Bills Payments and Logistics services. Hongkong Post completely assures safe and secure business transaction with their tracking system called Express Mail Service or Hong Kong EMS.

A Postmaster General together with his or her deputy, assistants and different division heads, make sure that the system is dynamic and customer-focused. Hongkong Post conducts operations in a number of its regional postal facilities involving post offices and street posting boxes. Also, it is committed to provide accessible services with mobile post office locations, which maintain a weekly schedule to various service points and even parking locations. Hongkong Post operates with 28 delivery offices distributed in different parts of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories, providing quality service delivery.

The system does not maintain a postal codification system unlike the Republic of China. Actually, the notion of adapting a codification system has been considered over the past decades yet it has never really been acted upon. The post operates under the Government of Hongkong. Currently, operations are spearheaded by a Postmaster General. Before the year 1860, Royal Mail took full responsibility of its day-to-day transactions. Now, if you see a logo bearing the semblance of a flying bird in colors blue and green, you can easily tell that it’s Hongkong postal service provider.

Collecting postage stamps has been a hobby of many citizens. In fact, Hongkong takes pride for its Guiness World Record for having created the largest stamp mosaic.


Just like other postal service providers which allow their customers to get current updates regarding their mails or parcels, EMS Hong Kong makes this possible for its clients as well. With this, checking your delivered items’ whereabouts has been made easy and simple by simply having a computer or any electronic gadget powered by the Internet. Online mail tracking casts away worries regarding your items in transit.

To do this, visit the official website of Hongkong Post and on the left side, click on ‘Mail tracking’ tab under the ‘Home’ tab. By dong this, you are directed to a new page that will ask for your 13-digit code composed of letters and numbers.

Enter this code on the space provided and click on the “enter” button. The next steps will be as easy as 1-2-3 because you will be presented with a drop-down menu that will allow you to select certain data that will be used to track down your items. With Hong Kong EMS, you can always feel secure that your items delivered to a family or friend can be monitored and tracked on a real-time basis