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Hong Kong Post

 EMS HongKong tracking systemThe Hong Kong Post is an autonomous agency. They’re primarily governed by the Honk Kong administration, technically different from the Chinese; hence, the reason it is different from the China Post as well. The Hong Kong Post was established in 1841 and was initially operated by the Royal Mail. In 1860 the operation was moved to the Postmaster General.

The Hong Kong post used to have red post boxes engraved with the British Royal Coat of Arms, today it had been changed to green and blue with a symbol of a flying bird.

Unlike the China Post, the Hong Kong post doesn’t follow or use a postal code system. They have planned on adapting the system but it’s still on the drawing board, and it always has been for the past decade or so.

Mail isn’t the only money-generating business of the Hong Kong post. They also sell postal stamps. With their strict policies in stamp issuance, stamp-collecting has turned into a really popular hobby in the region. Their services also include speed post, courier post, direct mail, remittance and, for certain areas only, bill payment and logistics.

In the year 2005, the Hong Kong post was awarded the “Productivity and Quality” award by the Hong Kong Awards for Industries. They have also made a mark in the Guinness World Records for making the largest mosaic made of stamps! Fascinating isn’t it?

Like most postal agencies, the Hong Kong post uses package or mail tracking tools to help their clients find their packages while they are on transit. EMS from HongKong and their tracking procedure has become popular, that most people receiving packages from Hong Kong use the method to check their shipments. You can easily find your parcel with a simple click; here’s what you need to do:

·  Locate your tracking number. EMS from HongKong would have a tracking number that you may enter on an EMS website.

·  You may use this number to track a package over the phone or online. They are able to update you with the location because at every location your package arrives at, it is scanned. This scan then sends a message to their postal system so that those concerned can track the status and location of the package.

·  If there’s any delay, this method will definitely give you a heads up on the situation. EMS from the HongKong post’s tracking method has revolutionized the way we look for our mail.

With all the technology we have at the tips of our fingers, EMS from the HongKong post’s tracking method is a game changer in the postal industry.