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HongKong Post

HKEMS decriptionHongkong Post enjoys a proud heritage serving Hongkong community since 1841. This long history of Hongkong or HK post is committed to provide quality postal services. Alongside with this is Hongkong Express Mail Service or HKEMS system where tracking of your sent items is made possible. It operates separately from China’s Post. Hongkong post does not make use of a postal codification system similar to that of China. Although the codification system has been planned for many years, it has not materialized; and until now, no postal code system has been implemented.

Royal mail was the first operator of this postal service provider; since May 1, 1860, the Postmaster General has taken full responsibility for the post system’s operations.

You will know that it’s from HKEMS post because your mails or parcels are in red colored post boxes, engraved with British Royal Coat of Arms. However, this was used only up to year 1997; afterwards,  Hongkong Post adapted a new color of blue and green with a logo resembling that of a flying bird.

Hongkong post system does not only limit its network in providing postal services because it also earns money out of selling postage stamps. In fact, collecting of stamps is a popular hobby by Hongkong community. HK post also offers Speed post or the domestic post, Courier post, direct mail as part of its services. In addition, it provides postal remittance to selected countries, bills payment, and logistics.

HK post takes pride for bagging the 2005 HongKong award for “Industries Productivity and Quality’. In addition, it also boasts of getting the Guinness World Record for the creation of the biggest stamp mosaic.


Keeping up with the demands for innovative services, HK EMS allows web tracking facility to its clients. Mail tracking is one of the many services offered by the official website to ensure safety and security of mails or parcels in transit.

You get the opportunity to know your items’ whereabouts or their current delivery status. To do this, visit the official site of this postal service provider and click on the link ‘Mail Tracking’. After a couple of seconds, you will be directed to another website where you will input your 13-digit alpha-numeric code.

The system offers the most recent information about your registered letters or parcels delivered to their specific destinations. The system also assures a fast and easy tracking experience by providing you a complete list of countries or destinations from a dropdown menu. The list includes countries like Brazil, Denmark, China, and Korea.