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Express Mail Service

About EMS Tracking NumberExpress mail is a domestic and international mailing service which was introduced in 197 as a substitute for special delivery stamps. This is the fastest service in delivering mails and parcels around the world; and for that, it charges a little extra amount for the expedited service.

EMS is the perfect match for the postal services of each country and has a wide and convenient network worldwide. It is now operational in more than 154 countries in collaboration with the country’s postal services.

EMS provides the mailing service for urgent letters, bills, goods, documents, and product samples. It also offers its customers with a convenient and innovative tracking facility.

About EMS China

EMS China is the fastest growing network of mailing which is a 100% state post-bureau owned company. EMS is continuously growing its network and is recognized for its best services and fastest delivery that is unlike any other postal service.EMS China is officially known as China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd.

EMS is the mostly widely used service in China for domestic and international mailing. The EMS CN network delivers its services in more than 2000 cities and 200 countries around the world. The company has a philosophy of working with wholeheartedness, rapidness and global reach, which is why it is the most trusted service across the country. EMS believes in information and technology and, thus, it has acquired the latest technology trends to establish an excellent network that reaches even the most remote areas.

About EMS Tracking Number

The EMS tracking number is assigned for every shipment that has to be transmitted or delivered.  It is a 13-character code which starts with a letter “R” and another letter which is followed by 9 letters and ends with two more letters.

The customers are advised to keep the EMS tracking number. Both the sender and receiver should have this reference number so they can have access to the whereabouts of the package.

The tracking number is usually written on the label or receipt. To track the mail, the EMS website and the postal company site provide tracking facility through which the customers can type the tracking number and instantly get relevant information about their package.  If there are delays in the delivery of the items, the same information will be reflected as you inquire in the system. This will enable both parties to make the necessary adjustments in case expected deliveries don’t arrive on time. Lost packages are duly insured so you are sure to get compensated for items that will get lost in transit.

When a shipment is sent, the records of tracking number are uploaded on website. This might take a little time to refresh and upload new records. Therefore, if it does not show right away, the customers can be advised to try and check a little later.