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Tracking Your Shipments: The EMS Way

EMS tracking systemMost postal service providers in the world offer the Express Mail Service or EMS. It refers to the postal service that ensures faster delivery of packages and mails wherein customers pay additional charge. It’s currently offered in 154 out of the 191 countries which are active members of the Universal Postal Union or UPU. The UPU members paved the way for the formation of the EMS Cooperative which, for its goal, aims to further improve the quality of postal services using the EMS.

The EMS is not only the fastest way to send packages or mails from anywhere in the world, it also enables clients to trace and track the status of their packages. Clients who are using EMS tracking get reasonable assurance that their packages are on their right track. When a client chooses to send a package using the EMS, the post office will assign a unique identification code for the package. Such code is also known as the tracking number. The tracking number is a combination of two letters and 9 digits. The two letters at the beginning of every tracking number represent the origin country of the package. Although some EMS providers ask for an additional charge to provide a tracking number, it’s highly recommended that clients use EMS with a valid tracking number so that they can regularly check their package’s delivery status.

Clients can simply input the tracking number into the search bar provided by the post office’s EMS tracking website. Within seconds, the clients will have a report on the package’s status whether it has left the origin country or not. With the tracking number on their hands, clients no longer need to go to the post office to check the status of the package. Although the EMS is used worldwide, there are some countries which don’t have online tracking facilities yet.  

To track a shipment via the EMS site, clients must make sure that they typed the correct tracking number. This is crucial because every shipment has a unique tracking number to identify its sender and receiver. In relation to this, clients must wait for a few days before they can check the shipment’s status via the EMS site. The site will not recognize the code yet if clients try to check the status just hours after the code was provided. EMS sites of both origin and destination countries can also be used to track and trace the status of the shipment. Tracking your shipments via the EMS site provides you the convenience of not having to go out and worry about the status of the packages. It’s one of the reasons why EMS was created.