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EMS Ukraine

EMS Ukraine - UkrPoshtaUkrainian State Enterprise of Posts “Ukrposhta” commits to provide blue-ribbon postal services to Ukraine’s citizens and residents. Long-term commitment and reliability in postal services have been attached to its name for so long already. It is known for providing all sorts of traditional post office enterprises, like accepting and delivering letter posts, parcels, packages, money order and others such as registry post. Modern services in conjunction to retail and business are expected to be part of its services too for the purpose of meeting day to day demands of its customers. EMS Ukraine Tracking System is also in place.

Ukrpost is one of the governing departments of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, and also serve as the national postal operator of the government decree since January 2002. Regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Postal Service” since 2001, Ukrpost has about 31 branches operating across the country’s length and breadth, providing quality and efficient service to the whole country. Also, more than 14, 000 post offices have been making postal services accessible. Express Mail Service or EMS Ukraine Tracking System is also available and assures on-time updates on your mails or parcels sent from anywhere to anywhere across and outside Ukraine.


Keeping up with the demands of modernization and a fast and easy postal amenity, a computerized tracking system has been made available. With your computer or any electronic and internet-accessible gadget, you can have the option to track your mails or packages in real time from any place in the world. You can also assure yourself that your mails or parcels are safe and secure.

Basically, this works by having a unique 13- digit identification code generated every time a post is booked from any office. The identifier of postal item takes an alpha-numeric form. The first two digits used are letters while the remaining eleven are in numbers.

At the time of booking, this code given serves as future reference and to access the whereabouts of your mails or parcels in real time. . This code is entered in the corresponding field found in the official website of Ukraine postal service. After the system has recognized the code, you will be provided a step-by-step procedure on how you can receive information about your delivery status. EMS Ukraine tracking facility is provided in all domestic and international -mails. This added-value system readily addresses the need for total customer satisfaction.