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EMS Tracking Korea

EMS Tracking KoreaExpress mail services (EMS) has always been part of the products and services being offered by the postal service industry. Like any other countries, South Korea established its own national postal service for the country as well as for other foreign nations. On July 1, 2000, the Ministry of Knowledge and Authority founded a special department known as Korea Post in order to manage and facilitate international and national delivery of letters, mails and parcels, logistics handling, and banking, financial and posting services. This special department consists of one division with four bureaus and twelve departments in one section. The main office of Korea Post is located in the Gwanghwamun Post Office in Seoul, South Korea. Moreover, Korea Post has 8 regional communications offices as well as 3,663 local offices around the country.

Major postal services being offered by Korea Post include registered mail, postal errand and parcel service. Financial services include money order, insurances and wired money transfer. In addition to this, this special department of South Korea established electronic banking called e-POSTBANK. This e-POSTBANK is one of the most advanced internet banking facility in the country which offers banking services such as fund transfer, customer information, and balance inquiry in the comfort of one’s home or office. The national government of South Korea is the one that manages this electronic banking service by Post Korea and, to date, it has 2,800 branches countrywide.

The Korea Post is dedicated and committed to provide excellent postal services to the general public as well as to various business sectors. Due to the high and increased demands in the market, the department takes advantage of technological innovations in order to address this issue. The Korea Post created its own website to provide and educate customers about their services. In addition, the website also has locators for postal zip codes and postal offices in South Korea. Moreover, any customer who wishes to avail of their services can visit the website to get an estimate about the prices, fees and charges for each service that he or she is planning to get.

Regarding the postal service of Korea Post, the special department added a special system in its website to aid its customers in locating and tracking each delivery and shipment. Korea Post has utilized EMS tracking Korea system in order to manage all its delivery. In addition, this Korean EMS tracking system is accessible by every customer in the Korea Post’s website 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

This particular EMS tracking Korea system allows its customers to have real time information about the exact whereabouts of their shipment and delivery as well as the expected time of arrival. Each customer who avails of a postal service of Korea Post receives an alphanumeric tracking code which is essential in using the Korean EMS tracking system.  Customers just need to access the internet through a computer or a laptop or even their mobile phones and visit the Korea Post website. In the website, there is a link on the right side for EMS Search and will direct a customer to a page showing a blank field next to the choices of services availed by the customer. The alphanumeric tracking code needs to be entered as is, no spaces, dashes or special characters in between of each letters and number. Afterwards, customers need to choose what service they have availed, whether it is EMS, international parcel or international registered item. Once relevant data has been entered, customers just need to click the OK button and, presto, all relevant information will be provided by EMS tracking Korea system. By the way, customers also have option to receive the data from the Korean EMS tracking system in their personal e-mails.