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EMS China: Continuous Development

EMS Mail cardEMS China, which has been dependent on the growth of China Post, continues to make significant progress in terms of proving quick, secured mail and package delivery. In fact, EMS has its own airline, the China Post Airlines which allows the company to send parcels in and out of China. Having its own airline enables EMS China, under China Post to do overnight flights and do their next-day delivery of packages. In relation to this EMS China also offers time certain delivery and next morning delivery. It’s not just about the matter of how they deliver parcels. EMS China that they meet the clients’ needs of delivering goods on time.

As it strives to meet clients’ demands of speedy mail and package forwarding from China to any point of the world, EMS mail China has established a network that has reached 200 countries and 2,000 cities. EMS China has 20,000 professional workers and is equipped with 15,000 collection and delivery vehicles. In addition to this, it also operates various processing hubs such as the ones in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Overall, EMS China has more than 200 processing centers offering postal services to Chinese and foreign nationals within China.

To keep up with the pace of their global counterparts, EMS has been offering other services aside from their regular EMS mail. Some of these services are the collection on delivery, paid by addressee, agent customs clearance and other services which come with additional cost on top of the basic EMS cost. Additionally, the website of EMS China is equipped with a track-and-trace facility which enables clients to track the status of their package without having to go to the post office. EMS China provides tracking number for each package that is being sent by the clients. That tracking number is the package’s unique identification number. The trace-and-track facility that is being used by EMS China is connected and being facilitated by the Universal Postal Union or UPU. To further speed up its services, EMS China operates with an advanced e-scanning system in 300 cities. Their main processing centers are also equipped with automatic sorting machines and GPS system.

Despite the fact that they are a little behind the latest global methods and technologies to improve their postal services, EMS China continues to strive harder in order to meet the clients’ needs. Operating a big network in 200 countries and 2,000 major cities is not an easy job to do. Fortunately, EMS China has done a decent job in giving their clients postal services that fit their needs. It may not be as modernized as compared to their international counterparts but EMS China will definitely get there. Slowly but surely. Despite facing big challenges, EMS China stands by its mission to their dominant Chinese clients -- provide quick and reliable EMS service.