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EMS in Japan

EMS JapanJapan post is considered one of the largest postal services worldwide. Japan post (Nippon, Yūsei Kōsha) was founded in the year 2003 and was a government owned corporation up to 2007; it offered mailing and package delivery services, insurance services, and banking services. At 2007 it was privatized through a bill passed headed by Koizumi, and was made effective through winning a nationwide election on 2005 (Which he declared referendum on postal privatization) and gained necessary supermajority and mandate for reform, then renamed to Japan Post Group. It’s the nation’s largest employer, housing 1/3 of the population of working people all over the country.

Japan Post Group is one of the Cooperative members of worldwide Express Mail Service. EMS Japan uses this specialized system for fast and safety delivery of packages and mails sent by all its customers. Fast, safety, and convenient shipping is top priority for Japan Post to gain customer trust. Fast or Speedy is the service of EMS Japan to priority deliveries; at certain areas, delivery day compensation services are available, and time specific service available for extra speedy deliveries. Safety is also guaranteed for it has a tracking system (track and trace service is not available to ordinary mails and postcards) to know the condition and location of your package. Expected date of arrival look-up is applicable at some areas, and comes with complete damage or loss insurance package. It is also very convenient for customers to get labeling and pick-up services that can be arranged by phone or thru postal offices; these are free even for just at least one package.  EMS Japan is a master in speedy, safety, and convenient mail service that allows sending up to 30 Kilograms of items to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.

As a huge successful and trusted mailing solutions provider, EMS Japan has online website available for other services it can provide. With advanced technology, anyone can visit their website any time. The site has several features available both in English and Japanese languages. Services like International mail, Standard mail, fee calculation, and Track and Trace Service are featured at the top page of the site. For more postal and non postal services, a product service index is also available and can be found on the website’s top page.  Any customer worldwide can access different postal and other services just by selecting several options that can be found on the site.