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EMS India Track facilityIndia post aims to make business interactive, responsive and reliable, transparent and professional everyday as it continues to provide quality postal services to the national institution. The postal provider also highlights Express Mail Service or EMS Track facility in India. Indian Post or Indian Postal Service caters not only to its people in the cities but also to those from rural areas that have barely access to banks. India Post provides financial services such as depository of savings primarily to the remotest villages in the country. 

It has been serving its citizens since 1764 under the regulations of the Department of Posts. The Chairman, together with six Board Members, works hand in hand to maintain the postal system’s integrity.  

India boasts of its post system that is the largest in the World. It is home to 155,015 post offices and 89.76% of which are situated in the rural areas.  

India Post services include EMS SPEEDPOST, iMO, epost, EXPRESS PARCEL POST, ePOST OFFICE and BUSINESS POST. It has also stretched its range in guaranteeing mail, financial and retail services. India Post has been serving its customers in the most convenient and efficient ways possible. Receiving or sending mails or parcels has been fast and easy with India Post.


Tracking information and confirming your delivered items are made possible with EMS Track, India. You use tracking numbers assigned to you after your booking is completed. Use your Postal Receipt, handed to you at the counter, as this is where you can get your tracking numbers.

Tracked items include Domestic EMS or your Speed Post, International EMS, Electronic Money Order or eMO, Registered Mails, Express Parcels and Electronic Value Payable Parcel or eVPP. The tracking numbers from each of these are entered in the ‘Tracking Number’ box provided in the official website of India Post. Then, click on ‘Go’ to view results. Usually for eMO, an 18-digit tracking number is used. The rest uses only 13 digits of tracking number.

With this tracking system, you are able to find out certain dates: (1) for items booked (2) for items dispatched and received at different locations while in transit (3) for items delivered (4) for a ‘Delivery Information Notice’ sent to the recipient that the items are ready for delivery. Delays are also captured by the database so both senders and recipients can be informed, and they can make necessary adjustments so that the delay won’t have as much negative impact.