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EMS Express

EMS express servicesExpress mail is the fastest delivery service in postal systems that charges fees for accelerated delivery. Express mail service is governed by each country’s postal administration. It is an international and domestic mail service.

EMS Express services are offered by the postal administration of Universal Postal Union (UPU). UPU consists of four bodies which include the congress, the council of administration (CA), the Postal Operations Council (POC) and International Bureau (IB) with its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. The postal administrative members of UPU created the EMS cooperative in 1998, which has been governing international accelerated delivery ever since. It was founded for the harmonization and development of postal services around the world.

EMS is the largest and convenient delivery system worldwide. The express mail was started as a substitute for special delivery postal services in United States where a postal stamp for accelerated delivery was used. In 1977 the express mail was introduced after an experimental period of seven years, though the use of special delivery stamps was not terminated.

EMS express became part of postal authorities of over 154 countries out of 191 UPU member countries in 2006. It is still working as a part of their postal services. Other countries have also made arrangements for delivering EMS items.

An auditor for EMS operations monitors the delivery performances and EMS performance awards are given to operators on the basis of performance on tracking and services. Seeing the yearly performances of the EMS cooperatives Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates are also awarded. The EMS Hall of fame keeps the record of all the EMS award winners.

EMS cooperative has been joined by more than 169 postal administrations worldwide since its creation. It offers its members assistance through various initiatives such as training, operational guide, system for EMS inquiries, online database, website development, and a lot more.    

EMS cooperatives use the latest tracking services. EMS tracking is a service that confirms the whereabouts of the shipments sent. EMS tracking number can be used to locate the package. The nine digit alpha numeric code and the origin country’s site, from where the shipment was sent, help in tracking the shipment.

In the Unites States, the express mail is operated by the Unites States Postal Services (USPS). USPS offers two different EMS cooperative delivery services such as Express Mail Domestic and Express Mail International.  

It is capable of delivering packages over night or in two days’ maximum time.  EMS express provides services throughout the year; may it be federal holidays, Saturday or Sunday, EMS offers services 365 days a year. Though for Sunday or holidays, there is a $12.50 surcharge on shipments.