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Emirate Post Tracking

Emirates Post TrackingSending and receiving mails, letters, parcels and even money orders have never been this easy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thanks to the Emirates Post, which provides diversified postal services offers excellent delivery services to public and privates sectors of the country and utilizes high-end technology as well as powerful human resources. Emirates Post services include express mail, national bonds and short message services (sms). In addition, they are affiliated with Western Union, Air Arabia and Abu Dhabi Distribution. With the modern technology nowadays, clients can just visit the internet instead of going to the local post office to avail some of Emirates Post services such as paying utility bills online, checking the prices of orders, and setting up a mailbox. One of the goals of the company is to provide an efficient yet affordable postal service to every client continuously not just inside the country but also around the world.

In order to achieve this particular goal, a specialized and systematic method is very important. With this, Emirates Post utilizes a modern facility called Emirates Post Tracking in order to locate each delivery and shipment.

This Emirates Post Tracking offers a world-class management of every mails and parcels being delivered on a daily basis by the company. In addition to this, a tracking code is being used to get all real time information about each delivery and shipment. Information includes the date and time the delivery took place, the complete address of clients, and the methods used in the delivery and shipment. This Emirates Post Tracking facility is being updated constantly by authorized employees in a large database in order for clients to check the real time status of their shipment and delivery. Clients will have the power to check how long they need to wait in order to get the anticipated delivery. Clients can access this tracking system in the online website of Emirates Post. This is another special option online which clients can take advantage.


Emirates Post Tracking is truly a wonderful breakthrough in the industry of postal service. This facility will definitely make sure that Emirate Post’s commitment in delivering a first class experience in shipment and delivery in the country meet, and even exceed, the expectations of local and international clients. With just a few clicks, information as to the whereabouts of the delivery is expected to be provided in a timely manner any time of the day.