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City Link Tracking

City Link TrackingCity Link Express has a reputation in Malaysia and in other countries of providing excellent postal services in its own territory as well as in foreign lands. The company is the pioneer in providing various postal services in Malaysia. It was founded in 1979 by Dato David Tan. Services of City Link Express are varied which include door-to-door delivery for domestic and international express shipment, freight forwarding and logistics, and mailroom management. In addition to this, the company also provides warehousing and distributing services for small to medium businesses and large business enterprises.

In order to maintain its reputation in the business world, the company started utilizing the internet to address and satisfy the needs of its customers. City Link Express maintains an active website which provides its customers easy access to its various services and facilities.

Anytime of the day, a customer can go online and check the company’s website for promotions and discounts to services. Furthermore, customers can now locate the whereabouts of his or her delivery with the use of the City Link tracking system. The City Link tracking system is one of the tools that can be found on the website. Each customer that avails of the postal services of City link receives a tracking number, which is very important in order to get real time information about the location of each shipment and status of delivery. Furthermore, with the use of the City Link tracking system, a customer will know how long he or she has to wait before the arrival of items being delivered.

Unlike any other tracking system, the City Link tracking system allows a customer to enter up to 30 tracking numbers at the same time. This is very useful especially when a customer avails of more than two postal services from the company and he or she wants to check the locations of each delivery. Instead of entering the number one by one, he or she can just enter it at the same time and will receive complete information corresponding to all tracking numbers entered. With this tracking system of City Link Express, every customer will feel secure about each delivery because it will avoid lost and misplaced items. Every customer will know if every shipment and delivery arrived on its proper destination at the correct time and date. City Link Express will always meet and exceed customers’ expectation every time they avail its domestic and international postal services.