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China Postal Tracking

China Postal TrackingChina’s primary postal service provider is the China Post which is operated by the People’s Republic of China’s State Post Bureau. Being a government-funded operation, it has a great responsibility to tackle. It is in-charge of the entire postal industry of the country. It runs with an estimated number of 83,000 offices in Mainland China alone, they use 39,000 transportation vehicles, 73 trains, 3 planes and 3 million kilometers of road for their trucking route. They use 150 machines for sorting letters, 260 for auto parcel sorting and nearly 20,000 offices are equipped with computers. All these and more are under the jurisdiction of the China Post which is headed by Li Guohua with Liu Mingguang as second in-charge.

With so much responsibility, you might be wondering what necessary precautions the China Post takes to provide their customers with the assurance that their mail will get to their destination on time. The answer is simple; this company has developed a china postal tracking system which provides their customers and personnel complete and accurate information on the whereabouts of a package. Are you curious to know how the system works? Here’s a summary of how the China postal tracking system functions.

Everything begins with a customer providing all the relevant information. They would give the postal personnel the details of the receiver along with his or her personal information as well. The personnel, then, takes the information and enters it onto a computer database which runs on a program to generate a special code of 13 digits. This code is printed on the receipt and on a sticker for the package itself. The purpose of this code is for identification. The customer will use this code by typing it in onto the China postal tracking website; this way, he will get all the information of the package’s location.

So how are the personnel able to update the package information? Whenever the package reaches a certain branch, the personnel that is in charge of sorting scans the barcode of the package which immediately uploads the information onto their computers. By this they are able to update the location details and add any remarks or notations if needed. Should there be a delay, they can input a new estimated time of arrival and state the cause of the delay. How does all these modern technology help? Remember those days when the system wasn’t this organized? If you wanted to know where your package was, you’d have to give their branch a call and they would, in turn, call different branches to verify; since these are all done manually, we’d have to make allowances for the big possibilities of error. But with this improved tracking system, tracing the movement and status of a package is very easy.  Upon updating the information on the system, details are uploaded onto their online database which is accessible to the customer with the help of the 13 digit alphanumeric code that was provided. And everything happens on a real time; so as soon as they scan and upload details of your package, you’re sure to see the updates on the website. Amazing what technology can do for all of us, right?

This system is definitely an advantage to a lot of customers, especially large corporations. After all, not everything can be sent through email or can be done via conference call. With this system they can advice their clients and their partners promptly without additional costs. As we all know, business time is essential; and time lost is money lost.