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China Post: A Work in Progress

China Post Track FacilitiesExpecting or sending a package from China can entail two things: patience and caution. A lot of people say that sending and receiving a package from any major cities in the country can take certain amount of time. Despite these negative things being said about China Post, it certainly doesn’t stop them from improving their facilities. China Post, as operated by China’s State Post Bureau, is the regulatory body which controls the national postal industry and manages the national postal enterprises. Since the establishment of postal services in China which dates back to 1878, China Post has gone through a series of improvements to provide customers better and reliable postal services. In fact it is now possible for China post clients to track the whereabouts of their mails and packages on a real-time basis.

Like any other postal providers across the globe, the EMS being offered by China Post is popular among its regular customers. EMS is being offered by China Post at a relatively cheaper price compared to the ones being offered outside of China. And unlike other companies that ask additional fees for tracking numbers, the EMS comes with a tracking number which can be utilized to track mails via China Post official website.

The EMS, also known as the Express Mail Service, is recommended for clients who need to send important packages. Not only will they get to their recipients faster compared to a regular registered mail service, EMS also assures safety and security of the package and the confidentiality of its contents. EMS China provides reliable tracking methods. In fact, EMS of China Post has been used by both domestic and international clients to track their packages.

China Post is growing at a rapid pace. Its operations run through in all of its 82,119 post offices and regional branches. It also has 236 mail processing centers with 115 letter sorting machines and 209 automated parcel sorting machines. And, out of its almost 83,000 offices, China Post also has 20,000 computerized post offices which speed up the processing time in each transaction. Transporting parcels is now more efficient for China Post and its workers. It has 3 aircrafts, 73 railway carriages and almost 40,000 vehicles to deliver packages to any parts of China. Although its EMS service is not yet perfect, that service has drastically improved and is better compared to how it was 50 years ago.

China Post has been providing cheaper traceable shipping through its EMS and it continues to improve its services and facilities each year. Despite the negative perceptions about China Post and its ways of sending and processing parcels, China Post remains an important agency of the Chinese government. As China continues to grow wealthier and become more influential to the international community, China Post is right behind, steadily improving.