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China Post

The People’s Republic of China’s primary postal service is the China post. It functions through the PRC’s State Post Bureau and is regulated and owned by the government, this means that the China post is responsible for the entire industry and management of the country’s postal services.

The Chinese postal service or the China Post was founded in the year 1949 and is primarily located in Xicheng, Beijing. Today there are around 82,000 branches; 20,000 of which are computerized, 236 centers assigned for mail processing for the main land alone, 39,000 transportation equipment and vehicles, 73 train carriages, 3 planes, 155 sorting machines, 259 sorting machines for parcels and a really long truck route catering to both first and second class mail. With the thousands of employees this government branch holds, they are practically the largest branch in the government.

China post

The China post’s services cover both domestic and international mail; any form of literature like books, journals, news papers and even remittance services can be sent through them.

As of the moment, the President of China Post is Mr. Li Guohua followed by the Vice President, Mr. Liu Mingguang.

One problem with people who still use snail mail and couriers to send their care packages through postal services is tracking their mail. In order to help out their clients, the postal service has developed a way to track mail and packages sent through the China post. The organization has developed a site for their users to easily check the status of their mail.

To track mail from the China Post, all you need to do is log on to the website and enter an alpha-numeric code and click on the “Track” button; doing this will provide you with the latest location of the package or letter you have sent. This service comes at a cost; a small fee of $2 is charged per inquiry.

This innovation enabling you to track what you sent through China post has definitely given them an edge in the postal industry. Back in those days, you’d have to wait for the mail to be returned in the event it doesn’t get to the sender and there’s no way for you to know where the package is. With the latest technology changing the course of how we do things surely makes it easy for us to track any mail through the China post.

We’re all looking for an easy way to do things and, thanks to the world wide web, now we can!