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Centurion cargo tracking

Centurion Air Cargo: The Pride of North America

Centurion cargo tracking systemCenturion Air Cargo was established in 1985. Initially it was named as Challenge Air Cargo Inc. but was later renamed, on July 2001, as Centurion Air Cargo Inc.

It is a privately owned company with headquarters that are based in Miami. Centurion operates on an impressive 550,000 square foot warehouse; 159,000 square foot as cooler area and 391,000 square foot is allotted for the dry cargo area.  It takes pride for being the largest privately owned cargo airline in North America. With its fleet of ten MD-11F, cargo deliveries are made on a timely and efficient manner.

Centurion also offers Centurion cargo tracking services for its clients. It ensures customer satisfaction by providing them up to date information about their cargo and its location.

Centurion cargo tracking facility enables its clients to be aware of the status of their cargo in transit. This is done by the use of a tracking number that is given to the clients at the time they made a delivery transaction at the Centurion offices. By having the ability to monitor the exact whereabouts of a particular delivery, both the sender and recipient are assured that their items for delivery are safe and right on track.

A team of highly professional and top-notch qualified employees share the passion of delivering efficient services by taking care of your cargo especially if it contains sensitive goods and requires extra care and attention.

Centurion is also a renowned name when it comes to delivering animals such as dogs, horses, fish, cows, llamas, sheep and many others. Centurion cargo transports an average of 2,000 animals per year. Centurion equally realize the importance of specialized handling of these animals and for that, it has a crew of experts in the field who are assigned on the ground and on the fleet as well to provide timely and humanly support required. It maintains efficient communication and facilitates the deployment of caretakers who accompany your animals during the entire process of transportation.

Aside from covering the major regions of South America, Central America and Europe, Centurion also offers transport of cargo to any destination around the world.

Training is another important thing that’s valued at Centurion. By polishing the skills of its staff, it ensures continuous delivery of quality services to its clients. As such, it provides regular training to its crew, providing them with updated information and procedures to make their services better and better with time.