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Canada Post Tracking


Traditionally known as P.O. Department of Canada Government which began its operations in 1867, Canada Post is now the main postal service provider in Canada. It got its new name in the 1960s. Canada Post currently provides quality postal and mailing services on business days, and their delivery utilizes the conventional method of door-to-door services through the use of around 15,000 letter carriers. The company also operates with about 7,000 vehicle fleets in order to reach suburban and rural areas. In addition, they also offer truck parcel delivery services. The number of employees has reached a total of 71,000, and the organization and staff base continuous to grow. Headed by Deepak Chopra as its CEO and President, the company’s Board of Directors is chaired by Marc Courtois.

Canada Post maintains six thousand and five hundred postal offices all throughout Canada including a number of corporate offices and dealerships that are operated by private retailers. Compared to its international counterparts, Canada Post boasts of having the largest postal servicing area. Its headquarter is strategically based in Ottawa, Ontario. The company offers postal products and services including Courier, Mail and Logistics, as well as the modern Canada Post Tracking facility.


Keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in the postal industry, Canada Post utilizes Canada Post Tracking facility which allows its customers to keep track of their shipments and monitor their location at any given time. This facility is a convenient feature which largely benefits business clients and corporate customers that rely on timely and efficient handling of delivery items.

The tracking program can be used with the help of the Tracking Code, number of the “Delivery Notice Card” or simply what we call the Reference Number. Simply look for the Canada Post official website and look for their track and trace facility, then input the required code. In a few clicks, customers can enjoy the benefit of learning the exact whereabouts and status of their delivered items. Tracking and monitoring can be done 24/7 and basically anywhere you choose to. You just need a laptop, computer, or digital devices with internet connection. When you press the “track” button or tab, the system will provide you the information you need. You will know if the items sent have already reached the intended recipients or if they are still in transit.

If the items are already received by the recipient, you will know the exact time of delivery and who received the items. If, on the other hand, delays are likely to be encountered, then the system will be able to provide this information as well. When this happens, both the sender and recipient will have ample time to adjust to the delay and, if it’s a business transaction, then both parties can make appropriate plans to cushion the impact of the impending delay. This way, further losses and inconvenience can be minimized if not totally eliminated.