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Canada Post

Canada Post Track systemCanada Post makes real-time efficient service possible to all its customers. It guarantees quick response to customers’ postal needs as its four main product and service categories include ‘Send-Receive-Shop-Collect’. Safety and security of your mails and parcels are also guaranteed with Canada Post Track. 

Canada Post is Canada’s chief postal operator and provides services on all business days to around fifteen thousand mail carriers; it is backed up by seven thousand vehicle fleet serving the suburban and rural regions plus truck parcel deliveries. Mails or parcels reach your homes through the so-called “to the doorstep” delivery.

It is dubbed as a “crown corporation” that continues to promise reliable and efficient service since 1867. It was named P.O Department of Canada Government back then, and was only baptized to Canada Post during the 1960s up to present. President Deepak Chopra and Board Chairman Marc Courtois plus its 71, 000 employees are the hardworking people working behind the competitive and promising postal services.

Currently, Canada Post operates in six thousand and five hundred post offices all across the country. Corporate offices and private dealerships are also in fusion with these postal patrons. In comparison with other countries, Canada Post reigns supreme in terms of postal servicing as it covers the largest area. Its head quarter is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada Post highlights its courier, mail and logistics products. For a standard letter weighing less than thirty grams, the ongoing rate is around 61 cents. For a thirty to fifty gram letter, you have to pay 1.05 Canadian dollars or CAD.


You can track a maximum of 25 items, view your deliveries and receive updates through Canada Post Track system.  This web tracking tool allows its clients to confirm status of their deliveries and be assured of the safety of their mails or parcels. You can track anything as they are bar-coded.

Make use of the three possible choices -- a tracking code, ‘Delivery Notice Card’ number, or reference number. Canada Post Track facility is made simple and easy. Choose which among the three you’ll use and enter into the field the relevant number. Then, click on ‘Track’ tab. Using the Track option, you can check the date your order was created, the date your items are received at the Post Office and the date your items were delivered or the date your recipient was notified of their arrival. Basically, Canada Post Track concerns are your item’s status and location. Since the system is always updated, you can also be duly notified if there will be delays in the delivery.