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Singapore EMS - Singapore Post

All of us benefit from the advancement of modern technology and science.  Modern processes and systems provide ease and convenience to our daily living; as such, we are now all witnesses to the many facilities that offer fast and efficient services. Postal systems are no exceptions.

Singapore Post, along with so many postal offices around the world, now offers modern postal facilities including Singapore EMS which allow faster delivery of packages and mails. EMS tracking is the add-on service which lets postal customers track the whereabouts of their sent items on real-time basis.


Singapore Post has a team of reliable employees who work hand-in-hand to guarantee safe and timely delivery of mails and packages. The introduction of tracking facility has, all the more, enhanced the reliability of the existing postal services being offered by SingPost.

Singapore EMS trackingSingapore EMS tracking is made possible by the use of computers with internet connection. By using the tracking reference number provided when you sent your mails or parcels, you can access the postal office’ official website and make an online inquiry. The EMS system will provide the exact location of the delivered items and would let you know if they are still on the right track. This will allow you to have more peace of mind and not spend a lot of time worrying whether or not the items will arrive on time.


 Sing Post continues to be a reliable one-stop service provider of postal products and services. It maintains an official website where you can access its services as well as other postal facilities including the Singapore EMS track and trace. Aside from letting the clients know the location of the items, the system can also provide added information like if certain delays are likely to be experienced or if damages and losses were encountered in-transit.  This information is very critical especially if the items delivered are business-related. Delays can create financial losses; however, if information is received on time, appropriate decisions and adjustments can also be made to cushion the impact of the delay.

It has a separate page dedicated to answer the clients’ “Frequently Asked Questions.” This way, customers’ common concerns are immediately addressed without the hassles of waiting or calling the office.  For other issues that cannot be addressed by this page, they also have a stand-by 24-hour customer care hotline where customers can call for inquiries and clarification.

Aside from the traditional postal products and services, Sing Post also provides quick financial solutions and other convenient mailing offers. They have pick up services for busy people, personalized stamps at affordable prices, and many more. For your postal service requirements, Singpost is definitely the company to visit.