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Latvia post tracking system


Latvia Post is entrusted with the responsibility of providing national postal services to Latvia. Founded after the Latvian Independence in 1992, it was the one that took over the duties and responsibilities of its predecessor which has been providing mail services since way back in 1632.

Changes in the organization were effected due to the political liberalization attempts in the nation. As such Latvia Post became a public limited corporation in the year 2004 and maintains its headquarters in Riga. The postal company is manned by more than six thousand employees under the leadership of its Chairman, Maris Kleinbergs. The company maintains strategic alliances with its large network of service companies, retailers, local foundations, and many other customer service centers across the country.

To date, Latvia Post is providing more modern services like EMS and Latvia post tracking facilities. Among its original and traditional services include postal mail deliveries, magazine subscription (including sales and deliveries), trade, financial services, philately, and many more. Postal mail deliveries are generally classified into two categories, the A-class and the B-class. The former classifies its items as “priority” mails that have to be delivered the next working day. B-class mails, on the other hand, would take a maximum of 3 working days to be delivered to their recipients.

Latvia Post Tracking

Latvia post tracking system

Among the more modern facilities being offered by the company is the Latvia post tracking system which conveniently allows its clients to trace the status of their mails or packages sent via Latvia Post. This is an online service that can be accessed from the company’s official website. Under the inquiry page of the site, customers will be asked to key-in the specific tracking code of their delivery item. This alpha-numeric code is provided to the customers for every package or mail that they send. This code is unique for every item; and as the items are scanned at every postal station, their location is updated in the system and postal database. As customers select the “search” button, the system will provide the real-time location of the package so that customers will know if the delivery is right on track.

Even the intended recipients of the package will also be able to trace if the items are already on their way provided the sender gives him/her the tracking code. Since the tracking facility is internet-based, the recipients from anywhere in the world can conveniently track the progress of the delivery. Latvia post is committed to deliver the mails and parcels in the safest and fastest way possible. However, in certain instances when unexpected delays are encountered in transit, like bad weather conditions, the delayed status will also be displayed as you inquire on the system.