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Chinese postal tracking for express mail services

China Post is the official postal service provider of the People’s Republic of China.  It is a government-owned corporation and as such, the government is also its regulating body. Its operations are managed and handled by the PRC’s State Post Bureau.

ONTRAC - On Time Delivery For Less

You can take one look at the Ontrac shipping website and it would say a lot about the company’s reputation and credibility when it comes to package delivery and rendering of postal services. The company is known for fast delivery of your shipments with modern tools and facilities like Ontrac package tracking.


Hongkong Post was established in the year 1841 and is now under the management of the Hong Kong government. It is a distinct entity from the China Post and has no existing postal codification system. The idea of having one hasn’t gotten past the planning stage for so many years.  Nevertheless, HK Post offers modern postal facilities aside from the basic traditional services.


Thailand Post is a privately-owned company based in Thailand that provides various postal and related services. It used to be under the Communications Authority of Thailand until the year 2003 when it started to operate as a private entity.

Eesti Post – Eestonian Post

Eesti Post is the one in charged with handling of postal operations in Estonia. This organization is owned solely by the state and provides numerous postal and related services.

Hongkong Post

Hongkong Post started in the year 1841 and is now being operated by the Hong Kong government. It is a distinct entity and considered separate from the China Post. One basic difference which set the two apart is that China uses postal coding for its postal service facilities while Hong Kong does not have such a thing as postal codification system. There are plans to use a similar system but it has remained in its planning stage for the past decade or so.

Taiwan Post - EMS TW

Taiwan boasts of a postal service company that’s well-known for its fast, efficient, and safe delivery of packages and parcels including products that are ordered online. This is a very important aspect of a postal service since more and more people, nowadays, are into online shopping. This may be attributed to the fact that online shopping is easy, convenient, and relatively safe.

Delmas tracking: Sea Transportation Service at its Best

Over the years, Delmas tracking, has maintained a record of customer satisfaction through specialized services that it offers in African sea transportation. Delmas has been the name of reference for the last eight decades in providing excellent services to its clients.


Postal services in Hungary are provided and administered by Magyar Posta or Hungarian Post. They are in charged with the basic services of receiving and delivering postal mails and parcels. Aside from these traditional services, Magyar Posta also provides other services related to marketing, logistics, and banking. Founded in 1867, Hungarian Post maintains its headquarter in Budapest, Hungary.