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Aramex tracking

Aramex TrackingAramex is known for providing logistics and transportation services around the world. It is a company that offers different options pertaining to freight forwarding, logistics solutions, and express. Founded by Fadi Ghandour, the company was established in 1982 and its headquarters was then situated at Amman, Jordan. Aramex is not only limited to providing logistics and transportation services, the company also offers mail order catalog and mail forwarding.

Fadi Ghandour began his operations as a wholesale dealer for numerous North American companies that are engaged in the delivery business. Among these notable companies are Emery, Fedex, Airborne Express, Burlington Northern and Purolator. By the year 1990, along with Airborne Express Company, Aramex co-founded the network of the Carriers of Overseas Express. It didn’t take long before this company found its way to be included in the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. That was in the year 1997. That time, no other international company has been included in the NASDAQ listing before Aramex. Five years later, in 2002, as Aramex was celebrating its 20th year in the service industry, Abraaj Capital approached the company for a private financing plan. Abraaj Capital specializes in private financing and is among the leading private financing groups that invest in growing companies in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Abraaj is well-known for its strategy of capitalizing in identified sectors with great potentials for growth and expansion. They saw such potential in Aramex to become an international champion. Eventually, Aramex took itself out of the NASDAQ listing.


Aramex Tracking

There are different ways to track your Aramex shipments. Aramex tracking on your mobile phone allows you to know the status of your shipment anytime and anywhere. You can also sign-up on the Aramex official website. As a registered member, Aramex tracking of your shipments is sent via email confirmation. This is an enhanced online service which can be completed in a few easy and simple steps. In addition, this service is free! To sign in, you must create a username and password. To track the movements of your shipments around the world, you simply have to fill-in required information such as reference numbers, destination, and date of shipments. Tracking of multiple shipments is also possible.

Aside from Aramex tracking services, a registered online member or subscriber also gets to receive the latest updates, offers, and news about Aramex on a regular basis.