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A1 International

A1 International tracking systemA1 International is going an extra mile to provide quality service in logistics. For 25 years, it has assured its customers trusted and reliable courier services, logistics solutions, office services management and its WITS- (Waltz Item Tracking System) or A1 International Tracking system. Services offered are provided in customized menu. Through the years, A1 International has been consistently taking good care of its good name as lauded by its clients’ positive feedbacks.

A1 International conducts operation in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Shopping in your favorite online stores like Amazon or eBay has also been made more convenient and efficient with A1 International. You can place your orders through the use of the internet and keep track of your packages’ current status or whereabouts any time you like. Reviewing of delivery details is also permitted through the Internet. Drivers of these postal companies have cellular phones to facilitate communication with company officials, clients and dispatchers.

Truly, A1 International helps to ease the tension among senders and receivers and makes work easier and more efficient. Consistently leading in the local logistics and courier industry, A1 International assures your parcels, mails, and packages are kept safe and secure until they reach their destination.


Tracking your packages or parcels and mails is never a problem with A1 International. Mail tracking is being utilized by this postal service provider too. All you need is a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device and reliable internet connection. Learn all the details regarding your packages’ whereabouts by logging in your mail account. Just go to the official website of A1 International and click on ‘Customer Resources’ on one of the tabs. Right after, key in your tracking number to access the information that you want.

If you have further unanswered questions regarding your packages, you can fill out the online form and submit your queries. Usually, requests placed right after 10pm is answered the following day. This facility is available 6 days a week, that is, from Monday to Saturday.

With A1 International tracking, you are assured of getting timely information about the status of your shipped items.  This is done conveniently through the Internet. Delays are also updated on the system so senders and recipients can make necessary decisions to cushion the impact of the delay.

Keeping up with the need to track your mails or parcels, A1 International Tracking makes sure that you, as customers, will have no reasons to worry about your packages’ whereabouts.