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TNT tracking

The TNT tracking system

TNT Express is one of the most successful companies in the world, which caters services like freight forwarding, logistics and shipments. It is a multinational company primarily located in Amsterdam, Netherland with various regional offices around the world and it employs more than 83,000 workers worldwide. It operates in about 200 countries focusing in advanced delivery services globally and it has social responsibility for children’s needs and environmental issues. The company is trusted by clients around the world due to its high-end services. Its services are delivered through various means, be it in air, land, and water, in different continents.

The success of the company is due to its tremendous workforce as well as modern systems. One of these is the TNT tracking system used to track down and locate shipment around the world. Clients can visit their website anytime of the day and they can see all important information about their shipment. Information includes the exact departure and delivery time of packages. The TNT Tracking system is a user-friendly tool, which allows clients to access every detail they need in order to ensure that delivery is guaranteed on the expected date.

In order to access this shipment information, a consignment number or reference is needed to be entered in the TNT Tracking system. This consignment number is composed of nine digits number, which can be found on the consignment note provided when you enlisted for the service of the company. It is designed by the company for easy use. The TNT tracking system also uses a large database wherein all information is being updated constantly, real time, to ensure appropriate data. The best thing about this tracking system is that clients can access it not just through the internet but also through e-mails and mobile phones.

Aside from the tracking system, there are other features included in the TNT Express website such as prices, collection and mobile services. The company does not just provide the standard express services but it also offers special services like special handling delivery in critical times. They have special time delivery services in which delivery can be made within the day, next day and within two to five days. They provide services not just in the general sector but also to various industries. Another special option they provide to regular clients is an online account, which gives a personalized way of securing clients’ information in the company’s database for regular use.