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An Post

An Post Tracking SystemAn Post guarantees efficient and the finest postal service in all parts of Ireland.  Owned by the state and the government of Ireland, it promises quality of services to its constituents. Regular postal services guaranteed by this Irish provider include parcel service, letter or mail posts, Swiftpost, deposit accounts, eDocketing, and the EMS or the International Express Mail Service, An Post tracking system and an ‘all-Ireland next-day’ delivery. An Post provides services both for personal clients and business enterprises.

An Post is never short in ensuring its clients a flexible and wide selection of services, tapping a huge range of folks along trans border or across border. Various facilities include clearance and categorization and series of postal services involving clearance up to the arrangement and movement of postal items and parcels.  Also, it does transporting and allotting of postal items weighing up to 2 kg and transferring or mobilizing of certain items to distributing postal packages weighing a maximum of 20 kg. For convenience, two subsidiaries are maintained -- An Post National Lottery Company and Prize Bond Company Limited.


Safety and security of your mails or parcels must be completely guaranteed by any postal service and, fortunately, An Post provides reasonable assurance that your items will be handled properly while in transit. With An Post tracking system, customers can keep track of each item getting delivered to its particular destination by means of barcodes.  Each items for shipment is barcoded and details are kept and uploaded in the system database. Updates are uploaded in the system every time items are scanned again on different points of destination.

What is unique about An Post is its four-way tracking method. There are four different ways to ensure that your mails or parcels are safe. First, ‘Track One’ is used to facilitate the probing of items having a single barcode. You can also choose the second option to track your mails. ‘Track List’ is the method being used for such option. It enables the probing of ten bar coded items altogether that aren’t matching or following a sequence. The third means is ‘Track Range’ where you can search for similar or sequential items with ten barcodes. Last is ‘Track by Account and Shipping Date’, which permits tracking down of items using a certain shipping date or account details as references. You are also notified once your items reached their destination through an email and this is called ‘Delivery Confirmation by Email’.